Monday, April 04, 2016

March Randomness

Girls surviving their first cold winter back in the States.

and Po

And Neko sprawling expertly.

Wisely's are in the States on furlough so I took the train out to Winfield to see Dan. It just so happened to be St. Patrick's day weekend so all the revelers were up and out early for the 9 a.m. train to Chicago.

Fortunately I was going the other way. 

Danny modeling the sign at the McCormick family forest preserve out in Winfield. 

And of course any self respecting estate will have a horse and hound cemetery. 

Emmerson extending her birthday into March in Freeport. 

Oh my. The grandparents basement coughs up all sorts of things that the girls seem to enjoy. 

Po thinking he's quite the cat in his makeshift hammock. 

... oh yes, quite the cat.

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