Sunday, February 21, 2016

Another Trip to the "Happiest Place"

 I dropped Emmerson off at a birthday party at the "Lodge"; the Hyatt in the McDonald's corporate compound. My favorite aesthetic element is that almost all the art work in the Lodge has some sort of the "happiest place" worked into the creation. 

The lounge in the restaurant.

Table in the restaurant ready for a burger and fries. I was under the assumption that thy only sold McDonald's products in the restaurant but that is completely inaccurate. They have a regular Hyatt restaurant menu. It is at the Hamburger University cafeteria where they offer McDonald's products.

Selfie in the restaurant.

One of my favorites. Ronald pulling the pin. 

Not sure what city this is but you can see the arches in the background. 

And again, the arches in the background.

Woohoo - happy meal wedding time. 

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