Monday, February 15, 2016

Skiing with Emmerson!

So I am committed to get my kids on the slopes even though the slopes are rather non slopish. Yes, I have been spoiled growing up in the Northeast and being able to ski for free as skiing was a varsity sport at my school. And then traveling and skiing in places as far flung as the Japanese Alps - which are absolutely amazing.

But hey, I am here and there is a hill there so lets go slide down it.

3 years ago, Emmerson took her first skiing steps here at Wilmont Mt. in southeast Wisconsin. I got her a lesson with Bob the ski instructor and she responded fabulously. In the PM we skied together and it was a pleasant day.

This time around I figured Emmerson would be able to stimulate her medium term memory and recall the moves to enable her to get down the slope in a variety of snowplow turns. But not to be. She was a mess - falling all over the place and when I would get her going for a bit she would just get up to max speed and wipe out to keep form blasting into the lift pole.

I was frustrated as was she and we almost agreed to go and seek out Bob the instructor. But the next time down she managed a turn and then the next time recalled how to control the pizza wedge. And then the rest of the day was she and I cruising down the Blue trails.

Eventually we split up. And I skied like I ski and just doing that after years of not skiing completely trashed my back. But I had paid a decent amount of cash so even thought my back was screwed around noon - we continued on until a normal day of skiing is done - 4 pm. On the way home we checked out some of the lake and saw some solid ice fishing. Pretty interesting as they were still out on the ice even though it had wormed up to 40 degrees.

Good day over all. Planning to snowboard next time as Emerson is good enough now where I dont have to use my skiing skills to keep her corralled.

Yes, I am that Dad that has her wear her bike helmet rather than spending 15 dollars for a rental. Her max speed was bicycle speed so figured it would be alright. I broke both my arms at the same time in a ski crash and then slid to a stop on my head and was helmetless so I figure she'll be alright. 

Good view of her favorite hill.

After skiing we checked out the ice fishing scene and came across this cool rental. Slide it out on the lake on its skates, drill a few holes in the ice and huddle back in your little rental house. 

Ice fisher people off in the distance.

My super cool skiier girl with a Gatorade greenish blue mustache.

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