Monday, February 15, 2016

Visit to the Newberry Library

 Had a bit of a break in the routine with a Newberry seminar. Always a good time. The Newberry is an iconic building on the north side of Chicago proper. It was one of the only buildings to survive the Chicago fire as it was built out of stone. It was on some rich guys house but is now a premiere research library. They also host academic seminars which are available to teachers and which I take full advantage of.

Will keep this giant head selfie on the Blogger small option for photos. You can see the Newberry in the background. 

Impressive to think this was a private residence.

Alicia and the girls had a day off and Mom and Dad had a park distract event downtown so my three girls opted to go to the art institute with Grandma. Ada was very interested in this one from the Modern America Wing - really interested .. .. Grandma and mom explained the story behind the painting and she just nodded whilst staring at the painting. 

This is what Ada wants from the gift shop. She took a picture so she could show us around birthday time. 

And the price just to make sure we knew it was affordable. 

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