Monday, February 15, 2016

Old Chicago with Ada

I love going downtown with the girls. I have a monthly pass and they are free on the weekend so its an easy, cheap something to do on a Saturday. Not sure what Emmerson was up to this day but Ada and I went downtown for our regular hotdog place. We have added a stop at the Bloehmers Chocolate factory for a treat and it is a good day. 

 Outside our house selfie.

At the train station selfie.

On the train selfie.

Happy couple that Ada took a pic of.

Downtown selfie.

Outside the hotdog place selfie.

Inside the hotdog place selfie.

Not sure where this is selfie.

Ada outside the chocolate factory with her loot. 

Outside the chocolate factory selfie.

Ada on the bridge.

Not sure why I had Ada pose here .... 

Ada running across the bridge - she is kind of creeped out by being on bridges so she gets off of them as soon as she can. 

Ada in motion - cartwheels on the bridge.

Kittens like to lay claim to our bags.

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