Sunday, February 21, 2016

February Fun in Chicagoland

What's wrong with this picture - other than taking a cat for a walk on a leash? It is February 19th and the girls are appropriately clad for the day! One of those bizarre temperature swings that Chicago has now and then. Perhaps the girls were a bit over-zealous with the attire - especially Emmerson sans shoes, but it was well into the 50's. And notice Ada is hovering a few inches off the ground - I meant to capture that precise moment. 

The girls enjoying Po and a break in the winter weather. 

Ada doing that pose. 

Selfie time ... seniors at school buy goofie backpacks to celebrate their final year. Most get tiny kids ones, the purpose of which, I think, is to demonstrate how little work they are doing as not much can be stuffed in to the kids size space. The senior in my geo class took it to this level. This is his backpack. 

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