Friday, April 22, 2016

Asian Market Visit

Always exciting to find a new food option, especially if it is of a genre not common to these parts. Such was Ada and my experience a few Sunday afternoon's ago when we visited the Asian market we used to frequent when we lived in Brookfield. The market is attached to an Asian mini mall that contains a food court and a new Korean restaurant had opened up since our last visit. A few pictures of Ada sampling our selections and some random of Po trying to stuff himself into a shoe box.

Ada doing some damage to a strawberry flavored tapioca ball drink. I can't recall what the two items pictured where called but I do remember the contents. The noodle dish had a number of condiments typiucally served with any Korean dish mixed in with the noodles. The bun was a light rice bun folded over a barbecued pork belly. Both were quite nice. 

Sure do like trying new things with the girls. 

Good job, Po!

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