Sunday, November 03, 2013

Holiday Bonanza!

Filipinos enjoy celebrating and according to many Filipinos, they like to do so in a way that many might consider "over the top"- it is part of the Filipino character (again, not my analysis, coming from Filipinos, in particular, Carlos Celdran - google him or refer back to my Intramuros post). Take the Jeepney for example ... a Jeep with about four thousand flare points. Halo, halo, a Pilipino traditional deserts is a combination of so many things and colors and is sooo sweet - "over the top" by non-Filipino standards, even for Emmerson who is a desert fanatic. Christmas is a huge deal here and Halloween quite the event so why not celebrate them both for a long time! Thus the identity crisis (not to Filipino) when at the store ... Halloween and Christmas all "halo, halo"d" together.

The girls in their Halloween t's in front of Santa's sleigh vaulting over the escalader. At the Landmark department store.

In the Halloween section, among the typical vampire princess and minion costumes, they had a section of wonderfully stereotypically and rather politically incorrect "nationality costumes". A sign asked to refrain from photographs but I only saw if after I had snapped these. Here Emmerson is donning the headgear for the Egypt costume.

And here is the US costume. I very much wanted Emmerson to choose this and wear it as her Halloween costume but she went with a vampire princess or something of the sort.

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