Saturday, November 09, 2013

Thailand: Getting there and out and about Bangkok

First installment of the trip to Thailand - Bangkok and Phuket. These are just random pics of walking around and such. The other posts will be specific to things we did while there - other than walking around. 

On the plane. Girls do well, unless they have food poisoning - which I will get around to at the end of this excursion ... food poisoning and planes do not go well together - not at all, not one bit.

Bangkok is really put together well, right down to the airport. This is an outdoor garden, around the airport shrine (every establishment has a shrine - the bigger the establishment the more impressive the shrine - or so it seems). One can go out and walk about the park while at the airport - I did not indulge so not sure how security works relating to the park.

Girls on the remote walkway in the airport.

Sticker on the dashboard of the taxi.

Girls on the street on a walk about from the first place we stayed in Bankok - a few bloks from one of the main thoroughfares - Suhkumvit.

Outside of the palace.

Outside of the palace with the elephants of one of the central traffic circles.

Posing with one of the many shrines - just a random building - most have a shrine.

On the Sky Train platform. Thailand is a proud country and the flag and images of royal family are everywhere.


Walking about at night.

Scooters lined up and ready to go at the traffic light.

View form a tuk tuk.

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