Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Filipiniana Day at ISM: Celebrating Our Host Country's Culture

The Friday before our fall holiday break is Filipiana Day, a day to celebrate the culture and traditions of the Filipins. it is primarily a student organized and run day. ISM promotes students to take ownership of a good portion of extracurriculars and they respond quite impressively. We had classes for half the day and then were released to go and enjoy the festivities.  Students and staff were encouraged to dress in Filipina garb or to buy the Filipiniana day t-shirts - all proceeds going to PCF (Phil Childrens' Foundation). One of the central squares was transformed into a food court and bazaar. A full on cultural bonanza ended the day with all sorts of very impressive cultural performance put on by the HS students. I will try and get some clips of some of the performances as they were really well done and fun to watch. The food was great - the piece de resistance being the "lechon" or whole roast pork. I indulged and it was delightful.

Full on roast chicken shack set up in the courtyard - a very popular venue. Fully committed!

Disaster Emmerson. She is so wonderfully sincere! Emmerson gets super excited about any celebration and thus was super excited to be able to borrow an official Filipiana Day fancy dress from one of Alicia's library coworkers. But she is also a very conscientious and dutiful girl. So here she is in her Filipiniana dress during PE class where she donned a yellow pinnie in some sort of sweaty outdoor activity. She looks quite the disaster....

Emmerson on the pitch with the skyline of "the Fort" (Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Manila - where our school is located) behind her.

Ada working the whited board in my classroom. The girls often come to my classroom after school to hang out until I and Alicia are ready to leave. Their favorite activity is to use the Promethean board, both can work it better than I and without ever having any instruction on how to use it ... just figured it out - kids today.

Good eats - full on lechon at the Filipiniana day ISM school food court. 

 One of the school plaza's turned into a bizarre and food court - taken from the 3d floor of the school where my class exists.  

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