Monday, November 11, 2013

Thailand, Bangkok, Weekend Market name I can not Remember but everyone knows about ....

Need to adjust the antenna .... photos from my phone uploaded onto my computer and then stuffed into a post blur. Those uploaded directly from the phone to post are OK but it is a less pleasant process. Apologies for the fuzz.

Inside the labyrinth that is the market. It is an enormous complex, out of doors but covered and quite a tight squeeze making navigation interesting.

The market shrine with items for vendors to buy for placement in the shrine. A variety of offerings, flowers, fruit, soda, tobacco, are evident at most.

Exciting colored things!

Exciting little boxes!

The girls, all three, are energized by shopping. For me, it is exceptionally exhausting....which made me quite envious of the slumbering vendor below.

Weekend markets make for a long workday for vendors. This is not an uncommon site.

Energy and excitement!

Excitement and energy!

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