Friday, November 08, 2013

A Mistake a Dad from the US Can Make Only in the Filipins

Two evenings ago I went with the girls to 7-11 to get some hard-boiled eggs for their lunch the following day. I bought two from one kettle and two from another. I have done this before several times without any excitement - other than the excitement of eating an egg. but the following day was quite exciting. Dolce had packed two of the eggs in my lunch bin and one each for the girls. I eat lunch ridiculously early because my schedule as a teacher thru much of my career has established my lunch break in the 10 o'clock hour - which worked out to my benefit in this very exciting situation. I cracked open one of my eggs and sure enough, it was the balut style (google it). I'm a pretty game eater but at 10 am at school having a go at my first balut just wasn't going to happen. And then I realized the girls had their eggs packed as well. The image flashed thru my mind of the girls cracking open their eggs at the lunch table with all their little friends only to find a balut egg staring (perhaps literally) back at them ... that would have been super exciting but in a terrifying kind of way. So I quick ran down to their respective classrooms, explained that I needed to check their eggs. Fortunately, Dolce had prepped them in the a.m. and both were fine looking "regular" hard boiled eggs .... potentially life altering experience averted!

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