Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Suhkumvit Stay #1 Lovely Roof Top Pool

The first place we stayed in Bangkok was at the "Best Place Hotel" or something like that just off the main drag, one of the main drags - the shopping and shopping drag - which is a great place to be just off of. Bangkok has a pretty decent sky train and otherwise metra system so you can get out and about to certain places via the rail. So it is nice if your accommodations are near a station. Funny thing was that one of the stations was named Nana - I should actually make this a separate post because it is so cool - Thai is a tonal language which makes it beautiful sounding but also kind of funny to the non Thai ear. The Nana station was particularly amusing sounding to the girls who are fast picking up all sorts of language nuisances which is super cool ( Emmerson can now do a full on English accent due to all of her English classmates). So they would always giggle whenever we approached the Nana station due to how the nice lady on the train speaker would say N-A-N-A in her very correct and tonal Thai way. 

Anyway, here are pics from the rooftop pool of the first place we stayed. A no frills place but clean and pleasant and great location.


Girls in the pool. They love to swim - they remind me of when I had a dog growing up and we would say "want to go outside" and she would get her tail wagging and barking and running around in circles - that's kind of how the girls react when I say, "want to go to the pool"?

Two pigs on deck. The girls named them chubby and chubchub.

This is where I want to retire; the condo across the street from our hotel.

View of part of the city from our hotel. 

Another shrine for the building across the street from our hotel.

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