Saturday, November 23, 2013

Manila Things

A few times a week we get out to the pool. We have one on the ground floor and then one on the 41st floor that is more geared towrds doing laps but the kids can still play in it. After school we tend to go to the upstairs pool so I can do some laps while the girls swim. On the weekends we typcially opt for the ground floor as it is a bit nicer lay out and more kid friendly.

Ground floor pool. Notice how covered up everyone is - during the day it is most often frequented by neo euro expats tanning away - and in the evenings more asians - all has to do with culture and effects of the sun.

Emmerson is quite good at doing the "fake I'm falling" thing. If Ada tried she would be in the pool. I am somewhat ashamed to say but I have admitted, at least to myself a few times, that it was chilly by the pool. It has never dipped below 75 and the pool water is always pleasant. But after months of 85, I guess 75 feels a bit chilly. It is 10 degrees in Chicago - two days prior to Thanksgiving - that's chilly.

Girls Rockin the Jollibee! Alicia is in Singapore so its a free for all this week. At least they are not still wearing their pajamas.

Kiana in the back, then Ada, Emmerson and Elli. At the girlscout over night at our school. It rained and the tents leaked so the girls slept out of doors on the padded playground area that was protected by a roof. Amazingly no mosquitos - but they do all have some strange groupings of bites that they (the girls) are calling "German measles" .....

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