Tuesday, November 12, 2013

McD's and Others Alive and well in Bangkok

Thailand has a wonderful food culture. But the "placelessness" that exists in many cultural landscapes defined by popular culture, such as airports, global fast food chains are making their mark. 

Where Ada enjoyed her final meal before boarding the plane back to Manila, on which her final meal was reintroduced to the world. She and Alicia both had something going on and it hit them just prior to boarding the plane. Ada was seated next to me so I was the unfortunate recipient of the effects of her least desireable symptom. 

But the vast majority of the food offerings in Bangkok and most of Thailand are Thai, and many are on the streets. Here I got a sweet iced coffee from the "sweet iced coffee lady".

McDonalds has a strong presence in SE Asia - but KFC gives it a run for its money. Like all McD's around the world, they adapt their offerings and many other aspects of their restaurant, to the culture of the country. Some of the Thai offerings follow. 

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