Friday, October 25, 2013

Materialism ...

One of my favorite billboards so far. I don't know who Anne Curtis but I guess she is quite the fan of Century Tuna. Perhaps she was once famous in the States and is now in the twilight of her career and making some cash advertising overseas - I know several Hollywood types do this - Arnold carrying an Obachan in Japan for some tea drink, Deniro sipping Suntory Whisky in a sophisticated turtleneck-sportcoat combo ... or perhaps she is completely fabricated - that would certainly save on the signing fee for the tuna folk. Anyway, a billboard that I contemplate each day as I pass by it on the way to work.

 Costco, Sam's Club, Makro (in Indo) and S and R - the big box store here in Manila - extremely well visited by Filipinos and expats alike. 

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