Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ayala Park

So much can be said relating to the title of this post but it is late Saturday night and I finally have a full on EPL game with Chelsea, with Terry, so I can full on "hate" Chelsea and thus will not have much of a post.

What does this have to do with Ayala Park ... the family (Ayala) is old school - propertied by the Spanish - so they have massive amounts of land in Manila. The entrance to this park had an interesting sign - read something like - this is private property and we can do whatever we want with this land whenever we want so enjoy it while it lasts. And a lovely park it is indeed. Wide open grassy space, easy next door parking, row of eateries, the cleanest bathroom I have experienced in a public place ever (even though it is officially private - thanks to the Ayalas).

While at the park the girls were having a run around and came across two other little girls having a run around and ended up playing tag and such. We met the owners of the little ones - a couple who teach at the Brit school across from ISM. They have been here a few years - Malawi being their last post.

Following are some pics of the park.

The girls playing tag with their new friends.

Halloween Season - this weekend one of the neighborhoods near our house where lots of expats live, Bel Air, is hosting "trick or treating" - get to pilfer my share of treats from the girls bags.

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