Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shrine Challenge!

We created, unwittingly, one of those situations in life when a simple plan takes on rather challenging dimensions. I simply wanted to go for a walk with the girls outside the hotel complex to a memorial/shrine that we had passed in the taxi on the way to the hotel. The girls were not too keen on the idea as it was cutting into their swim time but they are troopers and dutifully went along with there dad. Like in many parts of the world, their are no sidewalks along many of the roads in Mactan and much of daily life takes place along the edge of the road and the roads are very well traveled by cars and jeepneys and trucks and bikes and scooters and buses and goats and kids and endless amounts of dogs and two little girls in their pink swim coverups. It is the rainy season so the dirt along the edge of the road was mud and spotted with many puddles. So I had to keep the girls in line, literally, along the narrow edge of the road as we jalan, jalaned. They were strikingly pink as many people were keen to point out with their sunkist faces and coverups - which Emmerson explained later was not appropriate attire for a walk to the shrine.

At the shrine complex. There is a mangrove forest in the background.

Emmerson displaying her "not too sure about this" body language.

The shrine hero.

Ada with a rooster that she took a particular interest in.

Emmerson explained later why she was a bit apprehensive about this venture - swim attire was not appropriate!

Girls first jeepney ride.

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