Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Flood Day

We had a "flood day" today - just like a snow day in the States but a flood day. It is the full on rainy season here and a tropical depression threatening to turn into a typhoon has been hovering over this part of the world for a few days. We have had about three days of nonstop rain and the city is full-up. Certain areas are of course more effected than others. My area and the area where the school is are fine but many parts of the city are under water so some faculty and students could not make it to school safely. So we got the call at 5:30 this a.m. which was actually somewhat of a welcome relief as sleeping last night was a bit of a challenge. The thunder was the most powerful I have ever experienced, structure shaping booms, and soon we had two little girls latched on to us in our bed.

This is an unrelated video - but we have been kind of stuck inside so decided to take some footage. I was going to go for a run and explore a bit but the rain just began in earnest again. This is the girls in their room.

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