Thursday, August 29, 2013

Venturing Out: Mactan Island, Cebu

We celebrated "National Hero Day" by venturing off to Mactan Island for the three day weekend. I am finding it difficult to explain where things are here in the Philippines because the islands are arranged in a group rather than a chain. In Indo you could explain where it is according to it's east west proximity in the archipelago - not so with the Philippines. Cebu is south of Manila and kind of in the center of the island mass that is the Philippines.

We stayed at the Movitech, Movinpech, Mopenvich ... something like one of these. I guess it used to be the Hilton, but due to Paris Hiltons involvement in the company, they have had to sell off certain hotels. Enter in the Swiss Movenpech??? They bought the hotel and that is where we stayed. Here are some pics from the hotel.

Apparently, the pics I took of the hotel were not from my phone, which is where I am getting these images ... but here are the girls at our first dinner upon arriving - lots of lights and house music and really interesting bathrooms and what you would expect from the Swiss for an adult oriented outdoor food, spa, dance, music, part of a hotel. Ada rocking the scene - Emmerson a bit more hesitant about the scene ...

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