Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Filipo Golf at Sun Valley

Sam Cook who I taught with at NJIS in Jakarta, took me golfing with some other folk from church. We drove about an hour outside of Manila up into the hills that surround the city to a lovely course carved out of the jungles. It showered for the first 9 and cleared up for the second, keeping the temperature down and made for a pleasant round of golf. In many parts of Asia, caddies are required and many courses have female only caddies - such was Sun Valley. I am fine with this except for the fact aht we get carts and the ladies jog along behind. As it was showering, every time I disembarked from my cart I was met with Wang, my caddie, holding an umbrella for me which she held as I walked to hit my next shot. She only withdrew as I took my warm up swings and once I had finished my shot, she quickly returned the umbrella to its protective position over my head. The course was challenging as it was difficult to get a level lie due to the rolling nature of the course.

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