Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back in action in the Philippines

After quite a long hiatus I hope to get this up and running on a somewhat regular basis to document the family's life here in the Philippines. We arrived in Manila on the 26th of July after a whirlwind summer of packing, selling, moving and see you laters .... It is now Sunday, August 11 and tomorrow is day one with the students at ISM. I am not going to write too much more as I want to get some pics up and getting back into this site required some tech gymnastics and I am still a bit wary of how it is going to work. 

Moving Day I: With the Shipping Container - Emmerson and I celebrating excited being involved with intermodal transportation.

 House with packaged items on the porch. Door to door moving means the movers come and wrap and weigh separately every item being shipped. We had a certain weight allotment and it came down to deciding between golf clubs and surfboard. The clubs went on the boat and the board with me on the plane.

Movers doing there stuff.


Ada in our almost empty house - or so we thought until we began packing for move #2 - items to store at Mom and Dad Collin. Filled a 21 ft. U-haul.

With the container, that is presently sitting in Manila Bay waiting to clear customs ....

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