Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jakarta to Brookfield Update #2

Trying to catch up to the present. Post #2 of three years in three posts.

Ada Rose styling the winter fashion scene in January of 09. This will most likely be one of those photos that keep showing up over the years in good natured attempts to embarrass her - like senior yearbook type of things.

We enrolled Ada into a free form kids jazz ensemble. Here she is soloing during an improv session at a downtown recording studio.

Tuning the tubes - Ada prepping for another session.

Three generations of beautiful girls on a beautiful winter day in Chicago.

Ada's first haircut. She liked it.

Ada in the power chair. It is a throne that plays royal type music when you sit in it. Who ever sits in it gets to tell everyone in the house what to do. Ada managed to slip in during one of the few moments I am not in occupance.

Girls with their much loved cabbage head babies.

My two valentines.

Emmerson managed to hold it together for pretty much the entirety of her fourth year birthday party.

Ross demonstrating proper crawdad crawl technique.

Emmerson and Ada ready in Chicago.

Valentines Day breakfast for my lady. I made a valiant attempt at recreating the Macgriddle sandwhich. I injected the waffle with maple syrup and then baked the sandwhich for a few minutes after cooking the components separately. It was tasty - but no Macgriddle. I am confident that what makes the Macgriddle uncopiable is its essence - literally. Much of the flavor in Macdonald's foods (and many other processed foods) comes from the smell of the product which is typically chemically created in some secret underground laboratory at Macdonald's University.

Ada in the power chair with Ducky. At some point in her life Ada decided Ducky was extra special and they have become very close. As is the case with many things that become close to children, they get dirty. So Alicia bought an imposter Ducky (pretty much exact replica) that we could use when real Ducky was getting clean. One day the rouse was almost blown when Ada put Ducky down in her crib for a quick nap, walked down stairs and came face to face with imposter Ducky sitting on the couch. She eyed imposter Ducky for a moment then just yelled "Ducky" ran over and picked her up. She must have figured that Ducky is indeed wonderful and can magically appear wherever she wants (I don't know Ducky's gender). Unfortunately, Ada has caught on and can now tell imposter Ducky from real Ducky. So now and then we tell Ada that Ducky wants to take a bath and off to the washing machine she goes. At the moment, this is acceptable to Ada.

Spring break in Mexico. I am not sure why Barney was wherever we were at this moment.

These make a bit more sense, I guess ....

Holiday pool.

Keeping myself pasty white in Puerto Vallarta.

Showing some skills. Spring break shuffle boarding.

Emmerson and her Puerto Vallarta ensemble. She wears this on a regular basis - good buy.

Fun at Oak Ave. Not sure what is going on here. Another one of those pictures that will follow Ada through her life.

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