Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day Trip: Orphanage, Antonio's Fancy Dining and Volcano

During the intro orientation week, we ventured off to an orphanage that partners with the school followed by a wonderful meal at a beautiful restaurant nestled in the jungle clad hills outside of the city. After the meal we stopped by a volcanic complex on the way home.

 At the orphanage. They take on abandoned and handicapped kids. Those who are known to be handicapped can not be put up for adoption and will remain at the home where they will take up work responsibilities as able.
 They put on a performance for us which was really cute. The little ones doing their thing.
 Teen boys did a really nice duet.
 The older kids choreographed a dance routine.
 And then off to a 5 star dining experience - the juxtaposition was not lost but understandable as all were in the same vicinity and quite a ways out of the city.

 Soup course
 Palette cleanser before the main course - tart lemon sorbet with cracked pepper

Emmerson not quite sure about this palette cleanser stuff.

 The grounds of Antonios

 At the volcanic complex - volcano within a lake within a volcano - and all very much alive and populated.

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