Tuesday, August 13, 2013

At the Mall

Much like Jakarta, the mall culture is alive and well in Manila. Our condo complex includes a mall, the Power Plant mall, built on  the land once occupied by a power plant - nice to see that a mall name actually makes sense. The other day we ventured into the prime downtown area of the "borough" of Makati in which we live. We had a pleasant brunch at the Greenbelt Mall complex (Greenbelt not nearly as accurate as Powerplant as no green was about - accepting the massive amount of money that flows through parts of this city). We dined Alfresco and enjoyed a rainy season shower - which turned into a rainy season downpour forcing us indoors.

 Crepes at some place in the Greenbelt complex

 Ada giving a thumbs up the the downpour that sent us scurrying while Emmerson gives a more measured thumb rating.
A lone Jeepney navigating the downpour.

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