Monday, September 09, 2013

Manila: the Update

It's getting late and it took me about a half hour to figure out how to add a post to my blog - apparently google has bought everything and I have an old google account and a new one. Some of my stuff is with the old account and some with the new one and of course each one is password protected, so I have to think really hard to remember which password it is ... tech sure makes life easier - I used to write letters, by hand, on paper, with a pen - I sound old. So it is late and I am just going to try and get all my new images up - which also takes a while because I have to get my photos from my new cool smart phone to my really slick new Mac Air - cool and slick and time saving ....

Emmerson and Ada ready for the pool!

 At "the Fort" - trendy walking street in Makati, Manila. The contest was to see who could keep their hand on the car the longest - winner gets the car. 

 Ambulance standing by for the hand on the car competitors.

 The Hoover and Duell girls playing "nail salon" at the Hoovers.

 Emmerson posing with her candy apple red Porsche car at the mall.

 All the public transport vehicles have this funny, very cynical message stenciled on their backs. It reads "How's my driving?" Funny.

Nothing like a Starbucks red bean and green tea Frappaccino to get your morning going!

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