Monday, September 16, 2013

The Jollibee

A great testament to the advertising of fastfood place geared towards little ones. I would never have heard of Jollibee until I came across it on some sort of venture to find curious food offerings. But both Emmerson and Ada new of the Jollibee within days of landing in Manila, perhaps even earlier, and both begged to dine at the establishment.

No - was the repeated response. Well the time was right for various reasons and after our SPECS trip Emmerson and I did the Jollibee. She first wanted the hotdog until she saw there was a kids menu (the toy beckoning most likely). From the kids menu she selected the "jolli chicken" or something like that - fried chicken leg, rice and gravy and drink.

The cashier then said that they had no more toys - info I passed on to Emmerson but by this time she was set on her order.

I said, "that is OK, she will like the kids jolli chicken, and I will have the burger with cheese and the "crisscross fries". Response "Yes, you will, but we do not have a toy and the crisscross fries will be 6 minutes." "Yes, yes you are right and I will still have the kids jolli chicken and so on and so forth".

So, eventually, we sat at our Jollibee table and delved into our orders - minus the crisscross fries and toy. Emmerson was quite put off by the chicken bone in the fried chicken leg ... frightening confession - making me consider the reality of all the de-boned chicken offerings she had been eating all her life.

My burger was fine - fine certainly being a word accustomed to the concept of relativity. It was fine - food snob I am not and I ate it and would get another at some point in my life - the pinkish sauce was a bit over the top but I am sure that is what lots of Jollibee regulars claim makes it oh so special.

We did the Jollibee - some pics showing our love ...

really bad reception - need to adjust the UHF

 It is wonderful to be out and about with Emmerson - processing tons and totally fresh perspective on stuff and she is super polite and cool with situations. 

Emmerson with the Jollibee monster. Not sure why my phone pics all suck suddenly. Back tot he drawing board - I think it is because I am trying to share them efficiently using "the Google" but quality has been compromised - or maybe I just screwed up.

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