Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I've been to quite a few cities in the States but rarely have I ventured to a city simply to visit the city. Almost all of my travels to cities have primarily been for reasons other than primarily visiting the city and nothing has ever popped up that has led me to Detroit. So I was excited to learn that Ross (my brother in law) and Danielle would be getting married in Detroit.  I know what most people know about Detroit which is not really that much other than Motown and cars and the economic stuff so I was curious to observe the city firsthand. We drove up on Friday and then Saturday morning I took the girls on a typical Daddy trek which began on a train and ended up on a walk along the Detroit River in a drizzling rain. The girls are great about these rather random excursions I take them on and simply soldier on, pose upon request for pictures and listen politely when I begin rambling on about this or that thing which we have ventured upon.

The old, traditional being renovated, kind of a theme going on in Detroit.

Hotel selfie in downtown Detroit with the Renaissance Center reaching skyward on the horizon.

Nice bike, cool building mural - the old, traditional with a new twist.

Great style on this downtown building.

The monorail transecting the scene - the parking lot leading the way to our breakfast spot where we enjoyed the great staff and food of the Ham Shoppe - good eats.

Super cool old building with fire escape and a bit of steam escaping from a subterranean vent to add some old school attitude to this vintage cityscape.

Emmerson thumbs up for Detroit.

The GM monolith rising from the Renaissance Center (better than Rising Phoenix Plaza ... ) - an impressive area on the Detroit River incorporating retail, business, residence and the power of GM. 

Arabic - one of the the largest Muslim communities in the US is just outside of Detroit. 

The girls pointing out some interesting contrasts - Joe Louis arena, a famous boxer, where the Detroit Redwings play, a hockey team, in Arabic. Love our world.

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