Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Detroit Murals

No secret that Detroit has fallen on some hard times but like the spirit that built the city in the first place, hard work and creative ingenuity, it is successfully reinventing itself without losing the iconic elements that make the city unique. One thing that is particularly striking and exemplifies the new melding with the old are the cool murals all over the city that have been designed to compliment the buildings/architecture which they adorn. Really neat and unexpected.

Simply, works.

Thank goodness I have Emmerson's memory close by whilst writing this ... a station on the People Mover (thank you Emmerson for that detail that drifted out of my drafty attic of a memory). Each station had a different theme - most if not all done in mosaics.

Another People Mover mosaic.

And two more.

Murals all over the place - an alley in the downtown area tastefully graffitied.

Girls dutifully posing - I told them to sit on the bench but it was raining out and the seat was wet so obliging improvisation was in order. Best daddy walk about models ever!


Parking garage mural - again, a really neat idea that Detroit has implemented - this space would have been otherwise a concrete wall in a parking garage - but now - a unique piece of cityscape.

Well done, Detroit!

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