Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Detroit Riverfront

The morning of the wedding, whilst (and yes, I am going to keep using this word until I tire of it) mommy was getting more beautiful for the nuptial ceremony, I dragged the girls out for a walk/ride about downtown Detroit. We used the People Mover, a monorail type of train that is elevated and rides around the downtown area. We got off at a few choice stations for some urban investigating. A steady drizzle set in but the girls soldiered on as they always do on daddy's random 'walks" - best random daddy walk girls ever!!

Sports fans they are not but they are culturally in tune enough to know that as Chicagoites, they are NOT supposed to like the Detroit Redwings.

They were excited by the idea that Canada was on the other side of the Detroit River. Visible in the back ground is Windsor, Canada - which apparently likes casino's.

Sisters and best friends.

Ada showing some love and daddy tearing up whilst writing this ... 

And then my new Iphone opted to go black and white ... 

Where it remained until Emmerson took control and got it back to color.

Quick, Emmerson, pose with those fish! No problem .... a cooler of green bass from the Detroit River. The fellow fishing was using crawfish and minnows and seemed to be doing quite well. 

With a river paddle boat.

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