Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Porto GaleroPart II 2015

The Porto Gallero "boys jolly" as the organizer refers to it. Not sure if this is a Brit term or the organizers term as he has quite a curious vocab - but I like it. This year, similar to last but I did manage to get out and about a bit more this year and see some of the sites. Went for a run and then a long walk with Brandon. Really hilly terrain. When I began my run, I was greeted with about a 3/4 mile very steep incline where at the top exists a small monolith with the words "you have reached the top, all else is downhill from here" etched into the stone. I found out later that this was placed here by the Hash House Harriers and also that it was not quite true - actually not true at all - unless it referred specifically to the route of the H3. Encouraged by the sign I ran on enjoying the slight downgrade and the new environment surrounding me until the downgrade leveled off and turned into an upgrade, and a rather impressive on at that. This continued for the remainder of my run which was actually quite nice as many of my runs in Manila tend to be rather 2 dimensional. I ended up at the main beach near where our hotel was. Later, Brandon and I repeated part of the route and ended up with a few beers on nice beach side establishment at the beach on the main strip near our hotel.

They make ridiculously obnoxious shirts (and shorts this year), especially for departees, which are mandatory attire for the dinners out which make for an impressive scene.

Cool street light, recycled plastic bottle for protection.

Super surreal, random GIANT castle building that took up a large section of the downtown beach area. Occupied by multiple establishments including a hotel and lots of restaurants, shops, bars and businesses. The castle decor certainly not a popular style for the beach but there you go!

Brandon giving us a good posu on our walkabout.

Beach and boats ... 

... looking rather Meditteraneanish.

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