Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Manila Bay

An event had us out on Manila Bay a few weeks ago. Saw these curious looking (relative to my interest levels) floating situations.

This boat appeared to be a derelict either abandoned and waiting for the ocean to destroy it, or to be sunk or scrapped - I have seen many boats in this situation just floating around listing seriously to starboard or port - but usually they are moored close to shore. Anyway, this one was being occupied by solid amount of inhabitants. They had a small boat tied to the stern for excursions to shore and not sure what they were up to. 

This one I have not seen before. the floating contraption had several people in the water working in, under, around it. I am guessing harvesting something from the water. The contraption was connected to the boat which I am guessing would pull the contraption around to various harvesting areas. Interesting to consider that job ... 

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