Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Detroit Wedding

 Danielle's and Ross's wedding was responsible for our voyage to the Motor  City and I am glad they opted for this location as it opened up my eyes to a city I never would have ventured to unless I had something going on there. So thanks for that, Danielle and Ross.

Emmerson all lovelied up for the wedding. She and Ada were junior bridesmaids/flower girls/tender to the ring bearer. 

Emmerson's fancy bun.


Think she was excited??

Still in selfie mode from the Philippines - the land of the selfies!

And one more for the road - notice the girls critters lounging on the comfort devices in the background. 

And here's Ada!!

Presently, she has a lot of hair going - her goal is to grow it down to her waist and knowing Ada, she will persevere. So she had quite the bun!

In the lobby all gussied up ready to walk to the wedding venue for wedding party pictures. On the way, I snapped a few of the girls on the streets.

My favorite picture in a while ... says a lot about a lot. 

Lions stadium - da Bears!

Another favorite - just love how game the girls are for whatever. Walking around Detroit in wedding party attire.

And to wrap up the big three teams here in Detroit (unless you are a basketball fan - did not come across their stadium), Tigers field.

My first spot of the lovely bride.

My lovely ladies.

Me and my lady!

Emmerson was super excited about the cake. 


I forgot the name of this place and Emmerson my memory assistant is not around, but it is a cool, old style, urban downtown, country club. 

About to walk down the aisle.

Love this one.  Ada rather demure, Emmerson doing the double hand wave!

The grand table - not sure that's what its called but the wedding party table. 

On the dance floor - great reception - dance floor was rocking all night. I bailed with my little ones around 11 but the party moved to the basement bowling alley of the club for a few more hours of celebrating.

Emmerson showing her moves - Ada was hanging out with a gaggle of girls (who were slightly older) and was thus not as obliging to dancing with the old folks and getting photographed.

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