Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Moving is Loads of Fun!

In the U - haul moving all of the stuff we stored in Freeport while in Manila. Ada was a little bit apprehensive about traveling in a big truck but once she got into the cab she was full on trucker girl. 

About half way thru. Drove the truck out mid-
day and had great help in Freeport from a guy who used to be a mover. I basically dragged stuff up from the basement and he packed it in. Stayed in Freeport over night and then headed out early in the a.m. back to Elmhurst. No mover guy to help unload but had to little very game girls. They were a great help. 

Actually this was about almost done. Got all the big furniture pieces out. I put the big ones in the garage saving it for Brandon and his giant guns to help move into the house as he was coming to visit the next day. We focused on the more manageable elements not involving giant guns. 

Ada implementing her squat lift skills learned during weight lifting in P.E. That box was a hefty one - full of surf magazines I just haven't been able to let go of quite yet.

Emmerson going to "11" on the effort scale for this hefty box.

Ada with the trolley (I don't think this is what its called officially) and Emmerson with her typical sun squint.

Woohoo - done!

Power shot.

About half way thru getting all the boxes and "non-gun needed" items inside. 

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