Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Girls Down on the Farm

Another trip back to Freeport to get the rest of our stuff. We stored our minivan at great grandma's and Bill's farm and a few other items as well. While there, we checked out some of their farming equipment. They rent out various parcels of the land they own to farmers, one of which is visible in the background - soy beans this year. 

Bill's 1950's Ford tractor - runs like a charm!

And one of these.

Super cool red barn. Great Grandma told us that two Australian girls stopped by the other day to take some pictures of the barn. She came out and they had a chat - a long, long chat if I know Great Grandma - great to hear people from around are getting out and about in this neck of the woods. Several of my acquaintances overseas have mentioned their interest in the midwest and have holidayed in the area - most home basing their travels in Chicago and then venturing out beyond to the shoreline communities of the Great Lakes and out into the farm communities. 

Daddy down on the farm.

They are growing soy beans this year. Every year they switch from corn to soy beans to try and allow certain nutrients in the soil to recover from the growing season. Emmerson sure can't handle the sun ... 

Oh ya! Bucket of kimchi. On the way home from the above trip, took an extended visit to the Asian market and bought a heap o'stuff. Kimchi omelet one of the first dishes going down. 

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