Sunday, July 19, 2015

Moving Stuff

Lots of stuff moves thru Chicago - basically, all the major freight carrying train lines going from coast to coast go thru Chicago due to who owns the tracks and trains. Add to this all the commuter trains and you have got one busy train line. I have always liked living near the downtown area in whatever town/burb I have lived in but you do have to deal with LOTS of trains - and if a CN'er (Canadian National - google it and its relationship to Chicago and international rail traffic) rolls thru - you've got at least a 10 minute wait.

Waiting - and figured might as well document this very much part of our lives in these parts. Girls not in tow - thus the selfie. 

Located at the corner of one of the major crossings near my rental is this cool quarry. Full on in operation, HUGE pit from which huge amounts of rock are hauled. Type of place I would very much like to investigate - perhaps will ask for a tour one of these days. 

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