Monday, April 20, 2015

Ubud Villa and Monkey Forest

This was the villa where we stayed for the first few nights up in the hills of Ubud. Very nice but slept under mosquito netting (although I don't think it was necessary) and the bathrooms were open to te ceiling so some critters were in them and Ada was kind of freaked out. Could not sleep and came crying into my room scared of the "wildness" of the place. She's kind of a city girl I guess ... 

Rice fields and mountains taken from the road near the villa. This must have been taken while on the scooter as the reception is horrible.

Alicia prepping for her interview which she had at 11 pm on this 2nd floor balcony with the fold in Chicago via Skype. She got the job!

In the scary monkey forest. Not a big fan of the critters. But the forest is cool and this giant banyan tree is super cool. One of my favorite trees in the world.

It grows out of a deep ravine and then its vines/branches cascade down over the bridge across the ravine. And the bridge railings are in the shape of two dragons with the heads at the end of the bridge.

Emmerson posing away. 

Scary monkey with bad intentions.

Monkeys reeking havoc on the cliff walls of the ravine.

Emmerson with monkeys in the background up to no good.

Monkey in the water trying to stir up some trouble. 

Another for our collection of "Emmerson looking kind of scared and uncertain about why they have a 'swastika' at all these places in Asia" photo.

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