Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ubud Honduras Reminiscing

On the third day I rented a scooter, I took Alicia out for a bit of a ride which reminded us of our time in Honduras. We consider thats how we got to dating in Honduras - me giving her motorcycle rides around Teguc. This was a quick jaunt up the road from where we stayed for part of our time in Ubud at the Siri Ratih Hotel.

Ready to ride!

Rice on the left about ready for harvest, irrigation canal and walkway in the middle and newly planted field on the right. They move the water around via the irrigation canals to supply the necessary water during the growth of the rice. Newly planted fields need the most water and as the rice matures it gets less water until ready to harvest. 

One of the those cool accidental photos. Ecolodges reflected in the rice fields.

Newly planted rice.

Ready for harvest.


Presenting - I very much enjoy learning about how our world's food "works".

Amazing that almost all of this huge amount of rice is planted, tended to and harvested by hand.

Quite the job ... 

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