Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ubud Dinner Dance

I think it was called the Lotus restaurant. It is a great venue to dine and experience the Balinese dance and accompanying gamelan musicians. People come to just watch the show and you do get an up close view or you can book a reservation at the Lotus and enjoy the show with dinner. The restaurant has a traditional seating area for those watching the show which means you sit on a pondok, or elevated bamboo area - and this particular one over looks a large lotus pond and then the temple complex is in the background. 

Emmerson at the pondok over looking the lotus pond and the temple in the background where the performance takes place.

Guys working the gamelan.

Shadowy heads of the audience blocking the view a bit but it was very easy to see and hear from the pondok. Quite a pleasant evening.

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