Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bali Kuta

Lone Surfer Duell. Surprised there is actually no one else in this frame as the beach and line up were well populated! I got a few quick rides as the waves were dumping so not much of a wall. If I had moved down the beach a bit there were better breaks but they were crowded and I did not want to deal with that.

Riding in on the shore break - Alicia was trying to get s photo of me surfing but it is very difficult to do if you don't understand wave sets and when a surfer might take off and such and the rideable sets were not all the that frequent.

Sitting on my board ... looks like my space is about to be invaded.

Girls getting their Bali braids. Quite the process, especially for Emmerson as her hair is quite thick and curly.

Emmerson trying to force a smile amidst the pain.


Emmerson soldiering on .... almost done - after the lady finished Ada, they tag teamed Emmerson.

Oh my - yes, that is what i look like surfing these days.

This "bar", of which there are now many, line the sand up in the shady palm trees at the edge of the beach. Most consist basically of a couple plastic chairs with a beach umbrella and a guy with a cooler and most rent out boards and give lessons. They identify their location by what they match up with on Kuta Road.

Almost done - at the Froggy Bar across from Pizza Hut.

Any guesses? And there was a curious elephant motif going on at this, our hotel pool.

Towel "origami". The girls did not want to dry off after showers as it would ruin their surrogate stuffed animals.

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