Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bali Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach hasn't really changed that much since I last visited 8 years or so ago. Still beautiful, packed with Balinese and other Asians in the early a.m. before the sun gets going and then populated by the more western crowd once the sun is up and heating things up. Surf was descent, plenty of size but very dependent on the tide as far as the wave breaking.

I opted to get the girls surf lessons so I could go out and surf a bit on my own, but also because I learned a valuable lesson the first time I took Emmerson skiing. In the morning, I tried to get across the fundamentals and teach her the basics. I was horrible at it and it was frustrating as I am not a professional ski instructor! Fortunately, the ticket I bought included an hour group lesson in the afternoon with Bob the professional ski instructor and he did a wonderful job. She had a great time with Bob, learned to ski, and we had a stress free, fun time skiing together for a bit at the end of the day. So I hired Made the professional surf instructor to teach them the basics. They had a wonderful time and were up and riding the shore break after the first few times. 

Ada with Made. She did great, really quick transition from laying down to standing up and good riding form.

Emmerson has a bit more trouble getting it down but had some great rides as well.

Ada and Emmerson venturing out into the surf.

Girls just goofing around in the shore break. Nice wave breaking in the background ... 

Pool side at the hotel we stayed at in Kuta. A bit of a walk to the beach, 5 minutes and 10 to Kuta, but in a good location, nice rooms, descent pool and newspapers for beer cozies. Emmerson refueling before getting back into the water. 

Newspaper rubberband cozy.

Hotel pool where Emmerson and Ada hooked up with some other traveler kids and played Marco Polar (thats what one of the other kids kept saying, much to Ada's and Emmerson's amusement.

Floral design in a water decorative bowl - very common in Bali.

Dinner at the Thai place next to the hotel.

Remains of my fish dinner .... 

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