Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bali Ulawatu

Ulawatu is a Hindu temple complex built up on the cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean. It is also a prime surf spot. But we were there for the kecak dance, of which I took too many pictures ....  Here are the girls with their new Bali braids. 

Scene from the cliffs.

 Prepping for the dance.

The guys basically chant in unison and move in a synchronized way as various characters come in and out of the circle to dance various stories of the Ramayana.

Dancers in the circle telling a story thru their dance. 

and lots of photos ..... 

Sure will miss the tropical sunsets.

Pretty cool photo.

Final scene where Hanaman the monkey creature, puts out the fire started by some other character (I think thats how it went)

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