Sunday, March 12, 2017

Virginia Horse Country 2016

After DC we drove up into rural/small town Virginia on the outskirts of DC where EC's mom and dad live and where the wedding and reception were to be held. The area is horse country, complete with fox hunts and such, and has maintained a lot of tradition from the wealthy early inhabitants of the area many of whom were powerful families who ran the nations govt and who built extensive estates - many of which remain in the area. Interesting to see but quite a pain to drive around in - especially since the locals all seemed to drive on the narrow windy country roads like they were in the Lemans rally. 

Between the wedding and the reception, we ventured out a bit to see some of the estates and horses. The buildings in the background on top of the hill are for the workers who tend to the horses and dogs - primarily Mexicans - which is interesting as they were the ones who tended to the horses and many were jockies at Arlington Heights horse track. Guess it makes sense - lots of Mexico is horse country as well. 

The wooden structure is for the hounds when they let them out into the fields. They like to congregate there and hang out. 

We pulled over to watch some of the horses and several immediately walked over to greet us. 

Breaks in the fences that allow the horses and riders and hounds access to various fields and forests.

Friendly horses.

Ada being bold - she tends to be a bit tentative in these type of situations but these horses were really friendly.

And then the rest of them sauntered over to say hi.

Never thought a picture like this would exist in my life.

Full on into road trip mode. Selfie driving back on New Years day. Bit of a rough go as stayed up late and got up early. Girls responded to this situation appropriately.

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