Monday, March 13, 2017

Old Chicago Livin Large

Dad Collin was the head of the board of the Illinois Parks and for the week long conference in Chicago, he was perked with the VIP suite - including a preordered menu of drinks and food to stock the bar and fridge. We went down for a weekend of living large. It was also the protest of anti Trump folk and was about 70 degrees so I got in a good run thru the park in old Meigs field airport, up the lakefront to the Trump Tower where the protest had hunkered down after their march.

Neko livin large....

Livin large selfie in the suite.

Livin large over the view of Grant Park and the lakefront.

Emmerson livin large

The perspective of the view can be gained by the aquarium off to the right and the planetarium just beyond it - if one is familiar with this part of Chicago ... 

I took a whirlwind of photos when we first got there so I could then put away my phone and live large.

And of course the girls immediately got into the perks as they have gotten accustomed to doing due to all the places we stayed in Asia. 

View of the march/protest. 

Yes, Ada, you do know how to live large.

The hotel was the Hilton (I think) on Michigan Ave - one of the iconic landmark hotels on Michigan - and this is the ballroom/presentation room where Ken gave his address to the parks' folk.

Emmerson taking the podium.

Looking like quite the dandy.

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