Monday, March 13, 2017

Ski Emmerson Birthday 2017

The weather has not really accommodated consistent skiing but Emmerson was game to go for it even after a week or so of above freezing temps. I told her it might be mushy but she was game to go. So for her birthday, I and she took a day off of school and headed off to Cascade Mt. - one that we had not been to before - for a "spring" skiing day. It was super windy that day and getting there was a bit of a challenge. A semi truck got blown over on Interstate 90 which resulted in quite a delay but Cascade offers an 8 hour flex ticket so whenever you get there, you have 8 hours of skiing guaranteed. There were very few people there and the snow was ok for most of the day until it got slushy frozen in the late afternoon. I skied for a bit and then got kind of bored so switched to snowboard. Unfortunately, my phone died so no ski pics ...  but some from the trip there. 

Emmerson is a huge breakfast fan so we stopped at a Denny's on the way.

And as any good truck stop breakfast place, there are some interesting items for sale.

Pancake taco .... 

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