Sunday, March 12, 2017

December in DC 2017

On December 27, the girls and I ventured off on our first winter road trip - to our nations capital. Hannah got married on New Years Eve in nearby Virginia so we figured it would be a good time to check out our nations capital. I had not been since I was 13 or so and was curious to see it again and how it had changed. Nana, Evan and Tyler met us in DC at a hotel near a commuter train station which we took to and from the Mall in DC.

And yes, they felt the need - will be a good reminder of the culture of the times.

Girls with cousins at the Spring Hill station.

On the commuter train to DC. Sure glad this was an option. Not a big fan of driving in cities - actually its more the parking.

Capital building from the back. Emmerson had found an abandoned tour guide flag so carried it around for a while playing tour guide for Ada.

Justice building? Across the street from the backside of the capital.

Getting wired up for the tour - girls with their cousins.

Interior of the dome.

Another frieze showing some curious stuff - looks like someone is about to get axed ... or maybe they are cutting timber. 

Interior of the dome of the Capital - rather Renaissancie looking. 

Another Hall with Abe - the girls are very familiar with Mr. Lincoln as he was from Illinois so he is all over our state. 

Statuary Hall

In the National Statuary Hall where they have statues representing the US States. Again, not sure why we took Florida ....

I forgot what this was - but the guide told us and at the time it seemed interesting. 

Security and access was VERY different than when I went 30 years ago but we could still see some of the chambers and offices and such - but most of it was quite structured. I recall being able to simply walk about back when I went as a kid - kind of like just walking around a big office building .... 

Emmerson liked this statue in the Capital as it was quite fancy and different than most of the others.

Back side of the Capital Building.

Can usually find some rather curious stuff if you look closely at the details of buildings and such as evidenced by the bull in this sculpted frieze on the capital building.

They were building the staging area for the inauguration so the front lawn was fenced off. 

Front side of the Capital.

Down the mall from the Capital building to the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial in the background.

Emmerson doing this thing.

Drummer guy with a serious kit. 

World War II memorial where all the countries that fought in the war are represented. Emmerson with the Philippines.

Reflecting pool and Lincoln Memorial

Girls still are really good sports when we drag them around. They are curious and can entertain eachother quite effectively when they get bored. Very grateful for this as we have dragged them around to lots of places. 

Lots of tourists on this day - as it was the holiday week between Christmas and New Years. 

The iconic photo of the Washington monument and the reflective pool from the Lincoln Memorial.

Emmerson in full squint outside the White House. 

Quite different that when I came 30 some odd years ago. I recall walking right up the steps and into the White House .... We tried to get a tour but the White House staff was on Holiday so no tours. 

I think this was the building for the offices of the executive branch of the government. 

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