Sunday, March 12, 2017

Christmas Shopping with the Critters 2017

Another mega posting day. I have about three months of stuff here from Christmas thru March. This was our one day when we try and get mommy to think we are just going out to do something but are actually going Christmas shopping for her gifts. Typically we go to old Chicago or hit up the Oakbrook mall.

I guess there was snow whenever this was. It has been another really weird winter - snowed early then melted then went into a deep freeze with a few days in the single digits. Then we had a deep thaw with a week in the sixties n February and now it is March and back to seasonal temps. Hard to plan for wintery things.....

Emmerson in full squint - her typical face when posing in the sun - definitely nordic.

Ada has gotten into the sweats look. Alicia typically won't let her wear them when out and about but with daddy pretty much anything goes. Once, several years ago, we were shopping at a supermarket one saturday when Alicia was out of town and I took a picture and sent it to her of the girls shopping. She texted back commenting that they were still in their pajamas.

Squint and she is now into the Converse All Stars stage.

One of the girls almost always opts for the Santa hat and sports it most of the Christmas season when we are out and about. Emmerson is sporting my Adidas Bundesliga cap I got from my girls soccer team about 20 years ago ... and I have what the girls refer to as my cabby hat. 

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