Sunday, December 15, 2013

ICARE: Around and about the Stilts complex

The Stilts resort encompasses a significant amount of real estate and they have opted to keep it quite undeveloped - not rustic, as the resort has all the amenities but they have managed to incorporate all into the natural landscape. 

A deep sea channel must exist between Batangas where we were and the other islands, which were visible across the channel. Large ocean going vessels were visible off shore whenever I happened to peer seaward.

The point dividing the Stilts complex into two beach areas. The cabins and such were to the right of the point and the beach where most of these boat pics were taken to the left. 

Cool beach swing.

Contrasts - fishing boat in the foreground, ocean cruiser aft.

Bird on a boat.

Getting ready for a night out fishing.

Nice new motor and all purpose machete.

Getting ready for a night out on the waters. Prepping the equipment around sunset.

A new beauty of a boat and appropriately named after the Philippino Miss Universe winner of 2013.

Cows in the Stilts complex. Not sure who they belonged to and there were quite a few of them about. Nice and healthy looking. Not sure what breed of cattle - if anyone knows clue me in. Ears are definitely distinctive.

I went on a run around the complex and came across this grove on the beach. As I was making my way thru I felt a significant prick into the bottom of my foot. I stopped to investigate and had several of the thorns below fully imbedded in the sole of my runners. 

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