Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hong Kong: Chilly

Just a chance to highlight the girls in something besides shorts and a t-shirt. They were quite excited to be "cold" again. I think Emmerson went a bit overboard with her cold weather outfit, she wore the hood most of the time. 

If you look on a map, HK shares the same latitude as the North Caribbean just south of Florida. Why the chill? The massive continental landmass of Russia gets super cold (landmasses heat and cool much more dramatically than coastal areas) and forces this air down into Asia having a cooling effect during the winter.

Cold is certainly relative ...  It was in the 60's and high fifties in the morn and eves.

Emmerson bundled up against the elements. This was up in the midlevels outside of our hotel.

bundled up and walking down from the midlevels to the flats thru the area known as Soho. The escalator is to the right.

The girls travel wonderfully well together as they are a constant source of each others entertainment. They creat elaborate scenes and situations which keep them occupied for hours. Here they had a moment to get into one of the many hand games which exist in their "things to do when Daddy takes you out and about all day long"

Posing with Stit the lion - see Hong Kong: Animals post.

Posing with a broom on the grounds of St. John's church. The kids don't even ask anymore when I ask them to do poses like this - they know the less they inquire and quicker they comply - they can get on with things.

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