Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hong Kong: Contrasts

Modern, sleek, incredibly well developed - Hong Kong is very much all of these, but, like any city, contrasts exist and they always make a place a bit more interesting. Here are just a few I came across. 

Construction workers undoubtedly building something cool, but also employing a traditional form of sun protection to their modern construction gear. They had cut out the middle of traditional straw hats you see all over rural Asia and affixed them over their helmets. 

Straw hat helmet guy.

Most of the scaffolding I saw in Hong Kong was bamboo, from small jobs repairing the facade of a store front to large skyscraper construction. Lite, durable, flexible, strong, cheap, versatile, and being used more and more as a building material around the world - good stuff - unless your a panda.

While the girls were busy shopping the promenade in Kowloon, I popped into the entrance ways to an apartment building. Kowloon has lots of older complexes that we would refer to as tenement buildings. Mailboxes and meter boxes - not so sleek and modern.

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